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Niki Li is a Chinese designer, artist and musician who works primarily in graphic arts.  


Working passionately as a multimedia designer in New York City, Niki holds an MFA degree from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. She is obsessed with the power of graphics as a visual language to communicate messages. Her dedication to music, art and fashion has transformed into endless inspiration for her graphic design, animation and video works.


As an artist, Niki mainly uses the language of graphics to create an open dialogue on cultural appropriation, cross-cultural misinterpretation, consumerism and corporate monopoly. Her artwork is based on the reflection of globalization on people's mindsets and contemporary ideologies.


While finishing up her undergrad education in fashion design, Li won several international design awards such as the landing of Finalist of 2014 World of Wearable Art held in New Zealand. She also worked as a fashion designer for several well-known brands such as Uniqlo and the Dutch fashion retail giant C&A.


Being a singer/songwriter in her spare time, Niki plays the violin and guitar, and composes her own music. With her original songs, she became a finalist in the nationwide music talent show “Super Girls” (Chinese edition of “American Idol”) in 2011. Niki is experienced in performing at different venues and events. 


Niki believes that different forms of art are connected in nature, and can complement one another. She is constantly working on combining art, music and design in her unique way.

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