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What You See Is Not What You See

'Beautiful Junk'


Knock-off logo poster campaign


Only One Left Napkin Public Art 

Location: Boston MBTA Restroom at Park Street
Audience: MBTA Commuters

During a two week period, all the napkins in the dispensers will be taken out and replaced by a customized napkin roll with only one napkin left. Users of the restroom will be irritated by the lack of napkin and the insulting messages on it. This piece points to the importance of reducing hand napkin waste.

Printed Napkin Public Art 

Location: Tufts Dining Hall

Audience: Tufts students and faculty

Based on my observation of large amounts of napkins being wasted in the tufts dining hall, I hope that printing cautionary messages on napkins will bring awareness to the importance of reducing napkin related waste.

Ignorance Party

Treated more as an aesthetic, instead of a language, Chinese characters have made an impact on visual cultures of the West. Many fast fashion brands capitalize on the beauty of the Chinese symbols and slap them on garments simply because they "look cool". Westerners like to buy these products without actually knowing the cultural context they carry, and sometimes even the actual meaning of the words. Playing with this mentality, I designed these patches with ironic metaphors. People will be encouraged to apply these patches to their garments.

This art project creates an open dialogue on how cultural disparity and people’s feeble attempts to understand different  cultural heritages can promote ignorance, rather than transparency, respect and clarity. 

This project won The First Prize of The Cathryn Griffith Award in the Graphic Arts Annual, 2017  

Physical Patches and shirts

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